By Karen Bartholomew

‘Don’t you want to find your Birth Mother?’
‘It’s history, what’s the point of raking up the past?’
But what if the past comes to you?

Joel is found by his Birth Mum and sister. He's only eighteen and scared. Identity means a lot, particularly to a teenager. His life is about to change forever. 


Rehearsed Readings - our thanks to Paines Plough, Coram and Soho Theatre Downstairs and to all our funders who made this project possible. 

What the audience said.....

Congratulations and thank you for this important piece of theatre! It truly represents a ‘slice of life’ that often is not presented or explored.
Anything that demystifies adoption is good thing.
You don’t often see this stuff on stage/film/tv that deals with so many sides of the adoption story.
Adoption is rarely covered and if it is, its all shiny and lovely.

There is an audience out there who can engage with the play and it certainly doesn’t matter if they have first-hand experience of the subject matter or not. I’m sure lots of people can relate to many of the human emotions in the play.
Great writing.
I found the play very powerful, I texted my daughter when I arrived at Coram to say I was nervous, the message back said ‘Mummy, I’m proud of you, this is your world.’ So right.

Congratulations to all! I’m looking forward to seeing this play in its entirety. It’s not an issue that’s covered in this way very often. Secrets and Lies was the last thing I can connect this topic to and I feel this whole area of adoption needs more of this kind of intelligent and truthful exploration and discussion.

Very well written and produced. I like the fact it was based on ‘what if the past comes to you.’ Slightly different narrative which I think is always good.